In 2015, RichTerra made a strategic alliance with Great Slave Helicopters (GSH) to provide helicopter services jointly to their clients in India and Asia. GSH is one of the top helicopter services company based out of Canada and currently operating in more than 15 countries. Numerous natural resource industry clients & geophysical companies have entrusted their helicopter logistical support to the expertise of GSH for a reason- an impeccable safety record.

The GSH portfolio of services includes:
  • Logistics Management
  • Mining Exploration
  • Forest Fire Suppression
  • Oil/Gas & Seismic Exploration
  • IFR and VFR Flight Operations
  • Wildlife Survey & Ecological Tourism
  • Aerial Geophysics & Environmental Impact Surveys
  • Aerial Construction & Precision External Load Applications up to 4,400lbs.
  • Utility Construction & Maintenance
  • Military Support Missions and Emergency Response Call-Up
  • Air Ambulance and Remote Medevac Emergency Response Services
  • Executive Charter Services
  • Film /TV Production & Aerial Photography
  • Utility Infrared Integrity & Pipeline Fugitive Emission Inspections
  • Aircraft Maintenance Services Including Component Repair and Overhaul


RichTerra provides offshore transportation & logistics to operators in the mining, oil and gas industries. We are equipped with modern heli-fleet to carry personnel and materials, and provide helicopter support to supply drilling rigs, vessels and offshore platforms. In mining and oil/gas exploration industry we provide complete manpower, equipment & logistics transportation services to remote locations which are unapproachable through roads. From initial exploration programs to mine development and construction, RichTerra is equipped and prepared to provide your project with a full range of short and long term support services including:

  • Drill Moves
  • External Loading Operations
  • Crew Transport & Crew Change Trips
  • VIP and Management Tours
  • Environmental Research and Data Collection
  • Aerial Site Surveys
  • Pipelines Route Survey & Selection
  • Visual Pipeline Inspection & surveillance
  • Transportation of mineral samples
  • Management of oil & gas assets
  • Thermal Video Leak Detection
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Remote Onshore & Offshore Camp
  • Miscellaneous Support Services


When you are working in remote and offshore locations, RichTerra is there to assist you with HEMS. A helicopter supported EMS:
  • Gets to a scene of incident 4 to 5 times faster than other means of transport
  • Does not have to worry about traffic jams, windy roads, mountains, turbulent seas and forest covers
  • Enhances the medical service footprint of a hospital
  • Reaches victims almost anywhere
  • Carries victims directly to specialized emergency hospitals
  • Reduces the risks in high speed road rescue missions

A developing country like India, urgently needs dedicated HEMS to cater towards its large population spread across a vast region. Many of these places are far away from modern medical facilities and time-critical patients cannot be treated in a medically reasonable time frame which would enable survival or at least a better outcome. The need of the hour is to step up a dedicated HEMS provision and RichTerra has full scale plans to open and operate such a service in India.


RichTerra can provide a dedicated SAR helicopter and trained expert crew to cover exploration projects in remote inaccessible areas. Our experienced SAR Operations Team is assembled from a widely diverse background of military and civilian rescue agencies which bring a unique and comprehensive skill set to our SAR Operations Program. They consist of:

  • Rescue Hoist System Operators
  • Rescue Swimmers
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Flight Paramedics
  • Flight Nurses
  • Medical Doctors
  • Documentation and Administrative Consultants
  • Program Managers
  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Military Service Members
  • Fire Service Professionals


RichTerra’s and its Alliance Partners in Airborne Surveys have been providing airborne surveys to various mining and oil gas exploration projects in North & South America, Asia and Africa. Aerial Geophysical Work consists mostly of overflying a targeted area at low altitude in order to get information on soil composition using electromagnetic equipment attached to the helicopter. Our Helicopter services are being used by numerous geophysical data acquisition companies for Airborne Geophysical Surveys which include:

  • GPRTEM - Time domain EM
  • HeliMAGer - Magnetic gradiometry
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Gamma-ray spectrometry
  • VLF (very low frequency EM)
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR
  • Single Sensor & Multi Sensor Geophysical Systems
  • General Data Logging / GIS Services / Mapping

Our trained helicopter crews will offer precision skills and thorough understanding of the geophysical system being flown for the best and most cost effective data collection. RichTerra will ensure there is:

  • Minimal crosstrack variation
  • Accurate height is maintained when flying challenging contours
  • Smooth speed control
  • Correct frame angles
GSH & RichTerra together will ensure your seismic exploration needs are prioritized with safety and quality always in our minds. For more information on our Helicopter Services please contact us at +1-587-999-1005 or email