RichTerra Energy Services Co. (RESCO) provides onshore contract drilling services with a commendable fleet of land-based drilling rigs that operate primarily within North & South America, Africa, China and India. We provide not only the drilling rig, but also a host of special drilling techniques and applications designed to help you achieve better drilling results and greater cost efficiencies.

RichTerra Drilling team is performance-oriented, providing technologically superior equipment, strong industry experience, a safe working environment, and highest quality service to our clients & partners in the natural resource industry.

RESCO delivers a fully integrated drilling system using modern technology and extensive oilfield experience. RESCO also offers a full line of complementary rental services that supplement and support our field services.

RESCO is committed towards drilling efficiency, work safety, and satisfaction of our client. We are guided by the following principles:

  • Our employees are our greatest assets
  • Safety is our foremost responsibility, and
  • Operational excellence is our work ethic

Our rigs are designed to reduce non-productive time and increase safety by eliminating operational vulnerabilities and distancing people from hazardous equipment & work areas. RESCO delivers a fully integrated drilling system using modern technology and extensive oilfield experience.

RESCO’s Contract Drilling Group is headquartered in Canada, where a team of experienced employees provide operational, business development, management, and logistical support to our regional offices.

Total Project Management High Pressure Well Control Equipment & BOPs
Drilling Recorders & Monitoring Systems Top Drive, Diesel Electric & Mobile AC Rigs
Underbalanced, Managed Pressure & HPHT Drilling Rig Mobilization & Trucking Services
Directional Drilling & MWD/LWD Completions & Production Engineering
Fishing & Re-Entry Services Drilling Consultation & Manpower Provision
Casing Running & Handling Services Wellsite Geological Services
Drilling Tools & Shack Rentals MudLogging & Fluids Engineering Services
Tubulars, Bits and Drill Pipes Vacuum & Water Truck Services

Integrated management of individual servicesis also provided where there is a local or regional shortage of professional trained personnel, subject to the client having its own Customer Service Group with the following responsibilities:

  • Engineering and technical support
  • Engineering quality control (supervision)
  • Logistics management
  • Cost control and financial administration
  • Contract management

Upon request, RichTerra can help the client switch to individual service provision. For this, in parallel with project execution, RichTerra develops a Customer Service Group in collaboration with the client.
As the Customer Service Group matures, it takes over the functions of the Managing Company, and within three to five years the Group is managing the individual services in their entirety.