Directional Drilling is all about well bore positioning within your reservoir. From the design stages to the field execution of final well plan; RESCO can provide the right set of equipment, software, labor and operational expertise to keep your well bore on planned track and moving on target. We employ highly skilled technicians, field personnel & experienced directional teams which strive to:

  • Optimize your drilling operations.
  • Provide you with outstanding services.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Eliminate your downtime<./li>
  • Adapt to your changing needs.

The services of RichTerra Directional are highlighted by four inter-related & integrated groups:

  1. Horizontal and Directional Drilling Services.
  2. Measurement While Drilling Services.
  3. Downhole Tools.
  4. Completions & Production Testing Services.

Engineering SUPPORT and Well Planning

Our Engineering and Well Planning team's main goal is to build cost effective and reliable wells. Our standard is to provide exceptional service, innovative equipment and quality personnel and support our clients with experience, technology and knowledge throughout each stage in drilling. We can assist you with:

  • Horizontal Well Planning.
  • 2D & 3D Well Trajectory Design.
  • Bottom Hole Assembly ("BHA") Analysis.
  • Hydraulics, Torque and Drag Analysis.
  • Well Spacing Optimization.
  • Landing and Well Placement.
  • Daily Reports (Surveys, GR Data, Drilling Performance).
  • Remote Geo-Steering.

We use latest software like LandMark and Paradigm for well design, directional path planning, survey data management, plotting and anti-collision analysis. Our consultants also employ WinServe, Compass & HawkEye 3D, which allows for three-dimensional viewing of well plans, torque and drag analysis, hydraulic programs, and anti-collision planning. We use NOV, APS, BICO and our own TYPHOON MOTORS. Our MWD teams use software’s like GE CentreFire, APS SureShot, Polaris and Archer, all full featured decoding, logging and programming suites. They incorporate wellsite roll tests, tool tracking and diagnostic aids in a fully customizable user interface designed for downhole intelligence.


Well Types
  • Slant & Deviated Wells.
  • S Type Wells.
  • Horizontal Wells.
  • Sagd Pair Wells.
  • Multi Leg Horizontals.
  • MWD.
  • LWD.
  • GYRO.
  • Well Planning.
  • Remote Geo-Steering.

From our facilities in Daqing China and Calgary Alberta, the Down-Hole Maintenance Shop and our MWD/LWD Technical and Operations Center provides the guidance and servicing for our field operations. RichTerra Directional uses their worldwide experience to provide practical solutions to clients drilling challenges on a 24/7 basis. Our directional and drilling support personnel have the knowledge to assist you in selecting the right size, speed, and configuration of mud motors, jars, and shock tools for all your directional drilling requirements. This includes hot hole, invert, underbalanced, and performance drilling applications also.


The new ELECTROPULSE MWD System advances MWD technology by combining the best of RichTerra Directional’s existing MWD systems with new technologies that enhance performance and provide operators with additional options not found on standard systems. The ELECTROPULSE MWD System provides both electromagnetic ("EM") and positive pulse ("P+") telemetry option, as well as Logging While Drilling ("LWD") capabilities including not only gamma ray, but also the latest in resistivity tool technology.

Additionally we use:
Electromagnetic Systems.
Mud Pulse Systems.

Downhole Tools

RichTerra Directional prides itself on utilizing equipment designed and built with quality, not cost, as the defining factor. Stringent QA/QC procedures combined with extensive personnel training ensure that the best product is put into the field. Downhole tools we use include:

  • High performance drilling mud motors.
  • Hydraulic mechanical drilling jars.
  • Long and short shock tools.
  • String stabilizers and near bit stabilizers.
  • Mud motor stabilizers and offset pads.
  • Crossover subs.
  • Floats, float subs, and protectors.
  • Single shot kits.
  • Slick and flex non-magnetic drill collars.
  • Engineering and well planning services.

TYPHOON Mud Motors™

Use of NOV, APS Rotary Steerable Motor, Bico Flexdrill, Spirostar motors and APS SureShot MWD & LWD packages give RESCO a competitive edge in all facets of horizontal and directional programs. RichTerra’s proprietary Typhoon Mud Motors are manufactured in US and maintained at our motor repair facilities in Calgary. We have instituted a comprehensive maintenance program which includes standardized job procedure manuals for the assembly and disassembly process and all our field technicians are trained to solve motor problems while at work.

Our mud motors are extremely reliable and specifically designed to accommodate the increased loads associated with new higher performance power sections and have several advantages over previous generations of drilling mud motors, including:

  • Increased rate of penetration.
  • Higher dynamic weight-on-bit capacity.
  • Higher radial load capacity
  • Double the torque capacity of conventional drilling motors.
  • Allows more aggressive bits and drilling with substantially higher weight on bit capacity.
  • Reduction in drill string rotary RPM thereby reducing wear on drillstring and casing.
  • Longer mud motor life due to rotor stator design.
  • Pressure balanced seal design.
  • Sufficient RPM to run PDC Bits.
  • Effective control over deviation and doglegs.
  • Component tracking system.
  • Higher operating parameters.
  • Versatile bottom end which operates in a variety of drilling fluids.


As part of the comprehensive maintenance program, all tubular components are inspected for thread and fatigue damage, and magnetism. Each mud motor is degaussed and placed on our dynamometer which additionally verifies the force and torque capabilities.

Our mud motor fleet is also monitored through our "Continuous Improvement Process which allows us to track individual components life history. This process provides us the ability to predict component life cycles and implement design modifications for continuous improvement and reliability.

For more information on our directional services and support, please email