RichTerra Fluid Engineering Division (RFED) is your trusted partner in mud engineering and drilling fluids supply. We have our own proprietary mud systems and we also use high quality Canadian and American drilling fluid system. RichTerra offer versatile alternatives for drilling companies and operators through our Fluids and Environmental Division.

We employ some of the most experienced professionals with proven, verified field experience for the job and the type of reservoir you are planning to exploit and the zones you will be drilling through.  Additionally, we work directly in coordination with the drilling engineering team of client providing them flexibility and control during the operation with daily reporting and feedback.

With a vast assortment of available proven technology and reliable, proven knowledge base, RichTerra offers a large selection of qualified, experienced & certified professionals with land-based, inland barge, shelf and deep-water operations experience.

  • Drilling Fluid Engineers
  • Completion Fluid Engineers
  • Geothermal Engineers
  • Compliance Engineers
  • Mud Plant Coordinators


RichTerra provides innovative systems and solutions for water and oil-based systems, as well as heavy oil-specific requirements. RESCO also offers a broad range of solids control equipment to help remove unwanted drilled solid particles from fluid systems. Our Fluids & Solids Equipment include:

  • Centrifuges
  • Target Tank
  • Bead Recovery Unit
  • Dewatering Systems
  • Flock & Surface Tanks
  • Shale Bins
  • Hydraulic Centrifuge Stand
  • Polymer Injection Tanks
  • Lubricant Injection Trailer
  • Central Processing Site
  • Bulk Barite Recovery Unit
  • Drill Cutting Auger Tank
  • Ancillary Equipment