Where ever you are located and whenever you need us, we are geared up with the right equipment and the right personnel to provide you cost effect drilling solutions for services you need. Our focus has been providing specialty services in Diamond Core Drilling for mining, pipelines and heavy construction industry of Asia. We provide Vertical, Angular, Inclined, Horizontal (HDD), Slim-Hole and Motorized Directional Drilling (MDD). We bring drilling experience from all around the world at your door step.

  • Core drilling consulting services, operation and maintenance of drilling equipment
  • Providing specialized HDD & MDD equipment, tooling & personnel
  • Surface drilling for exploration, grade control & reserve estimation of operational mines
  • Underground drilling for exploration and mine development
  • Rotary & Reverse Circulation drilling
  • Drilling fluid consulting services for oil industry
  • Slim-Hole core drilling for mineral, oil and gas exploration
  • Geotechnical drilling for engineering & environmental assessments
  • Restricted access investigations for underground civil construction work
RichTerra’s Complete Portfolio Of Drilling Solutions Includes:
  • Auger drilling
  • Percussion rotary air blast (RAB) drilling
  • Air-core drilling
  • Reverse-circulation (RC) drilling
  • Diamond-core drilling
  • Direct-push samples
  • Hydraulic rotary drilling
  • Sonic (vibratory) drilling
  • Underground drilling
  • Blasthole drilling
  • Slim-Hole Drilling
  • Grade Control Drilling

Grade Control Drilling will help you to find out exactly what type of minerals and ores you are working with. Knowledge grade and variability of the ore is very important in deciding which types of drilling and mining are suited to the type of rock and mineral being mined and find out the economic viability of the mining operation. Grade control is also used to define the ore grades and ore blocks in the pit and also provide knowledge for mine planning and blasting. Reverse Circulation is the most commonly used drilling method for grade control in open pit mining operations. For more information on mining services and grade control drilling services, please contact mining@richterra.com