EOR may include chemical, mechanical, physical, or procedural processes. RichTerra can deliver every step of an integrated EOR project:

  • Screening and pre-feasibility
  • Pilot preparation
  • Pilot execution
  • Full field deployment

RichTerra designs EOR projects, develops the plan and assists you in estimating costs for both pilot and field-wide projects to assess the economic viability of your EOR project. Our simulation team works closely with chemical engineers and EOR specialists to determine the optimal EOR strategy which will maximize the ROI and Oil recovery based on specific reservoir properties.

RichTerra has a team which specializes in enhanced oil recovery technologies which include:

  • CO2 Flooding
  • Gas Flooding
  • WAG Injection
  • Chemical EOR
  • Polymer EOR
  • Steam Injection
  • Cold Heavy Oil Production (CHOPS)
  • Electro-EOR

RichTerra EOR team has considerable experience in chemical processes that are used to recover a higher percentage of both the mobile and immobile oil that remains in the reservoir. Chemical processes offered by RichTerra include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobility control polymer flooding
  • Polymer gels applied to producing oil and gas wells to reduce unwanted water
  • Polymer gels applied to water and/or CO2 injection wells to improve sweep efficiency by modifying conformance and injection profile
  • Surfactant and alkaline (caustic) chemicals that are used to mobilize and recover the residual oil saturation from the reservoir
  • Chemicals to improve the injectivity of water in low permeability waterflood reservoirs
  • Chemicals to prevent and possibly remedy problems associated with clays

RichTerra can provide a full Polymer Flood design package from feasibility studies to design of large field pilots.  RichTerra services include:

  • Fast-track reservoir modeling
  • Laboratory bulk tests
  • Core-flood studies
  • Complete oil and brine analysis
  • Surface facility design
  • Field assistance
  • Training of workforce