Through years of experience working with some of the largest mining entities, to managing some of the longest running exploration projects; we have built a solid reputation with our client’s in Asia, South America and North America.

Our knowledge base and experience in working for the mining and oil industry gives us a strong backbone and technical know-how when it comes to supplying you, with the Right Tools At The Right Time.

In mining sector we provide drilling rigs & complete exploration geology services which include evaluating base metal deposits, coal mining, sediment hosted ores, and precious metal deposits. Our Mining Exploration Services cover

  • Exploration Program Design and Budgeting
  • Prospecting
  • Geological mapping
  • Geochemical sampling and analysis
  • Diamond drill and reverse circulation program design & management
  • QA/QC program design and auditing
  • Mineral Exploration Services
  • Project Management
  • Drill Contractor Procurement / Managementt
  • Geological Field Support
  • Core sampling & core logging
  • Downhole geophysical programs, field data management and reporting
  • Assessment Reports
  • Digital Data Management
  • Project maps and interactive downhole data interface
  • Customized, interactive ArcGIS project database
  • Digital data compilations, cross-sections and 3D Models
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Geological Report Writing
  • Due Diligence Studies
  • Property Evaluations
  • Geological and Geotechnical Core Logging
  • Geological Map and Cross-Section Creation
  • Radiometric Core Logging
  • Geotechnical & Bulk Sampling
  • Assay Sampling
  • Surface Geochemical Surveys
  • Core Photography
  • Reserve estimations
  • Preliminary economic assessments
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Strategic mine planning and design
  • Mining risk analysis
  • Economic modeling