RichTerra’s technical staff has extensive experience with complex structural and stratigraphic fields throughout the world, including many with conventional and unconventional reservoirs such as fractured basement, tight oil, and heavy oil. RichTerra has performed field characterization and reserve assessments that range from exploration areas and early appraisal drilling to fully developed fields.

Our cumulative experience covers some of the best producing basins like Williston, Permian and Western Canadian Sedimentary basin and our team has worked in a wide range of sedimentary depositional environments including continental, fluvial, deltaic, marine, and deep-water. So when we work with you, we like to ensure that your investment gets the right returns.


  1. Creating FDP Execution Team: An experienced project management organization to develop, initiate and implement a proper field development plan or an FDP for clients which utilizes best resources available to Clients and gives them a tangible, viable, cost effective and result oriented field development plan that is profitable for clients.
  2. Creating Project Management Oversight (PMO): RichTerra’s PMO Service Team can support clients project by independently identifying current problems, anticipating future problems, identifying setbacks and recommending solutions in your project phase. PMO will give client timely and objective information, from evaluating the performance of the exploration/drilling/completions and production divisions, by monitoring schedules, analyzing costs, and identifying and managing your project risks allowing you to make prudent decisions about key issues before major problems occur.
  3. Considering Staff Augmentation & Reduction: RichTerra’s experienced project managers, operations managers, drilling engineers, geologists, production managers, contract administrators and other professionals are available at a moment’s notice and clients can benefit a lot by proper use and right matrix of staff that is not a burden on the company’s resources. Our professionals will take a results-driven yet cooperative approach to meet client goals. This two-pronged methodology effectively complements existing permanent staff at client’s office.
  4. Performing Troubled Project Turnaround: RichTerra offers remedial services to turn troubled projects into productive investments. RichTerra has successfully rescued projects from poor management and planning, work stoppages, regulatory intervention, labor issues, and countless other factors which resulted in extensive delays, cost overruns and expensive unproductive adventures.
  5. Implementing Project Controls: RichTerra provides proven project controls systems as part of our project management services. Our systems incorporate schedules, spending management, budgets, and contract administration meeting the needs of today’s clients for successful control of the project with timely, accurate information on cash flow needs, costs, schedules, changes, progress (status), claims, material, equipment, and contractual services.

RichTerra provides, a comprehensively integrated operation with a single interface for all services including project management, hiring of right consultants, procurement of products, and streamlining of administrative procedures, implementation of simplified work processes while maintaining and exceeding quality and safety requirements. RichTerra’s integrated field development package of services is supported by a full suite of energy services that we can provide through various subcontractors who have proven expertise and have worked with us before.


  • Client has a Single Point of Contact to simplify Client/RichTerra/Third Party Sub-Contractor Relationships
  • Greater accountability and improved output from individual units by combining operational services and project management under one umbrella
  • Client gets proven experience of unified services for best outcomes and results
  • Client gets a highly resourceful team having strong experience in implementing latest EOR technologies where reservoirs have low permeability’s and porosities
  • Client benefits from strong relationships with suppliers of OCTG & Drilling Consumables in selecting the best equipment and accessories at the most reasonable rates


  • Complete project management from exploration to production and well tie in to batteries
  • Unified operation window directly dealing with contractors & sub-contractors
  • Alignment of client and service company goals through performance based contracts
  • Better utilization of contractor expertise with clearly defined roles working under one umbrella
  • Delivery of successful productive wells and high quality work
  • Reduced delays on service delivery and project execution
  • Reduced lost time on injuries by giving high priority to safety
  • Successful drilling program completed in shorter duration
  • Successful implementation of latest EOR technology to increase production
  • Cost efficient operation increasing profits for client