A gas insulated substation (GIS) is a high voltage substation in which the major structures are contained in a sealed environment with sulfur hexafluoride gas as the insulating medium. The clearance required for phase to phase and phase to ground for all equipment is much lower than that required in an air insulated substation. The total space required for a GIS Substation is approximately 10% of that needed for a conventional substation.


We specialize in the engineering design, testing, commissioning, energization and maintenance of high-voltage substations and related equipment. We are also a major Procurement Company which has a list of high quality manufacturers to provide you with electrical engineering equipment and accessories. Our skilled substation technicians, combined with our specialized equipment for low-overhead clearances, provide engineering services to a variety of customers including utilities, municipalities, electric cooperatives and industrial companies.


  • Design and Build Substations
  • GIS Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Experienced Greenfield Construction
  • Wind Farm Collector Sub-Stations
  • Substation & Bay upgrades
  • Substation retrofitting
  • Range of 11kV to 400kV
  • Modular, Urban, Prefabricated, and Mobile Substations
  • Specialized equipment for low-overhead clearances
  • Steel erection and bus welding
  • Installation of switches, circuit breakers and instrumentation
  • Power transformer relocation, assembly and degasification
  • Metal-clad switches and control panel installation
  • DA, SCADA & PLC Control system installation


In highly populated cities the main challenge in power transmission & distribution is to carry high voltage levels right into the heart of inner-city areas. With land prices going sky high, municipalities and cities are looking to find alternative solution which will minimize land and construction costs.

RichTerra has the right solution for you. We provide Modular GIS Substations MOGISS which are prefabricated at the substation manufacturing factory. These modular, urban and city substations are compactly built inside containers, featuring a small footprint, high reliability, low noise and ultra-low radiation. RichTerra supplies Modular GIS Substations that are ideally suited for small spaces and remote unapproachable areas.

The primary applications for MOGISS include:

High Altitude, High Wind & Remote Area Installations

Areas that are unapproachable and need compact power distribution benefit from low maintenance and small space requirements of our MOGISS. GIS technology allows a significant size reduction and boxed construction which is safe from harsh environments.

Urban Installations

Our Urban Substation & Modular GIS technology can be used for installations in areas where the cost of real estate or aesthetic appeal is a significant consideration.

Indoor/Underground Installations

Building an air insulated substation indoors is usually impractical, but a GIS can easily go inside buildings. It can also in setup in underground parking lot corner, if needed.

Environmentally Sensitive Installations

GIS technology is popular in desert and arctic areas because it can be enclosed in a building with environmental control. Gas insulated substations also contain the electrical components within a Faraday cage and are therefore totally shielded from lightning.

Space Constricted Cities/Town/Industries

MOGISS can be installed in approximately 450 Square meter area or less depending on its configuration style and stacking. It can be set up in triangular, uneven shape agnostic land available near or within city limits.