RichTerra has an industry-leading health, safety and environment (HSE) initiative called “Zero Incidents & Zero Impact” (ZIZI) which places a premium on safe working practices, reducing risks and leaving zero impact on the environment.

When coupled with RichTerra's other training and employee initiatives, these programs consistently yield top-quality personnel for RichTerra who exceed industry safety standards and customer expectations. At RichTerra, Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) are paramount; and through continuous search for improvement in our operations, we have set greater and higher targets throughout the organization, both onshore and offshore.

To achieve our targets and ensure safety of our personnel, RichTerra has a dedicated safety management system in place which comprises of the following key elements that lay the foundation of a systematic business process leading to continual performance improvement over time.

Our goal in all operations is to eliminate losses due to incidents, accidents and spills that affect personnel, equipment and the environment. To accomplish this goal, RichTerra shall maintain, promote and reinforce the following within our teams:

  • Compliance with all applicable governmental agency regulations, industry standards and our client’s contractual requirements
  • All employees demonstrate and maintain an active commitment to HSE performance and compliance, as a condition of employment and while at work
  • Assess risks and use our hazards identification system as a basis for ongoing development of our safety programs, operating procedures, and HSE management systems which are designed to minimize risks, eliminate incidents and leave zero impact on environment
  • Reduce engine emissions, reduce surface impacts/spills/runoffs, increase drilling & operational efficiencies and increase recycling to contribute towards a cleaner environment
  • Immediate reporting of all unsafe/unsound HSE conditions/incidents to the respective supervisors & superiors
  • Conduct a detailed investigation of all unsafe/unsound HSE conditions/incidents with follow-up and remedial measures
  • Management and staff work with subcontractors, suppliers and partners to promote a sound HSE structure
  • Communicating directly and openly with all employees, staff, contractors and subcontractors involved in RichTerra’s activities, providing advice and promoting best practices for operations and work sites
  • A continual evaluation & assessment of company’s safety standards, policies, procedures, training programs, and implementing changes as and when necessary