RESCO provides high quality Mud Logging Services using advanced drilling monitoring operation systems which are capable of gas detection, electronic monitoring, and database recording for a full range of drilling parameters on operations. Our mud logging services focus on drilling support and formation evaluation while your well is being drilled. We provide decision-ready information about your well’s status and drilling performance that help you to drill better wells more efficiently. Critical decisions guided by timely and more accurate information that we supply on the reservoir fluid composition, lithology to detect pay zones, well placement and reservoir connectivity through real time monitoring and data analysis of:

  • Wellbore pressure balance
  • Drilling mechanics
  • Hole condition


  • High quality wellsite geological supervision by experienced personnel
  • Using wide range of high quality MudLogging equipment
  • Assisting drillers to optimize rates of penetration
  • Reducing drilling cost by monitoring drilling parameters
  • Safer drilling by measurement of all hazardous ambient gases


  • Monitoring numeric and graphic screen
  • Remote connection and real time presentation
  • Real time measured and calculated data collection
  • Drilling operation status detection and determination
  • Three independent mathematical models for lag values calculation with user customizable correction factors
  • Mud Lag, Gas Lag & Sample Lag Calculation Real-time hydraulics calculation
  • Real-time overpressure parameters calculation (“d” exponent, Sigma, pore pressure, fracture gradient, ECD, etc.)
  • Real-time vertical depth calculation based on entered deviation survey data Subsequent processing and data interpretation
  • Values can be displayed in user selectable/customizable output units Two independent depth databases that are simultaneously being recorded during system real-time operation
  • Metric & Foot database - records based on Metric& Foot intervals
  • Two types of time databases that are simultaneously being recorded
  • Archive database - 24 hours of records created for every day
  • Circulating buffer - records for last 24 hours

Manufactured in house to the highest industry standards, our Mudlogging Units are designed to optimize workspace efficiency and meet environment and acoustic requirements with a separate geological and laboratory area. They are designed to house your specialist equipment and resources and perform laboratory works in a safe and comfortable environment. Mudlogging Units can be outfitted and modified to perform any number of functions to suit your exact project requirements. RichTerra’s Mud Logging Unit integrates multiple advanced technologies such as Fast Chromatographic Technology, Real Time Remote Data Transmission Technology, Combined Field Geologic Analyzer Application Technology, etc. and is the center of field integrated information interpretation and evaluation. RichTerra also provides third party MD Totco, Naftagas and PetroServices Logging System (PSLS), DataLog Mud Logging Units upon special request from clients.