RichTerra Integrated Operations Management team provides a comprehensive package of drilling program services with all operations performed in strict accordance with internationally recognized standards and procedures supported by RichTerra’s tested & proven Well Engineering Management System.

A critical element of the RichTerra philosophy is focus on the total project delivery, not solely on the component part that we may be accountable for. This philosophy gives the client confidence that their interests are always at the heart of what we deliver.


The main objective of RichTerra’s disciplined drilling project management is to deliver fit for purpose products, safely, cost effectively, on-time and within the allocated budgets. We use multiple pathways to align the various strategic contributors which bring profit to an operating company. RichTerra has devised a 5 step process which consists of:

Prospect Recognition – Analyzing and reviewing your current business needs, operations and goals related to the project and appraising its costs and benefits viability. Planning & Project/Program Development – his consists of studying scope, setting a target, identifying deliverables, developing & evaluating workable plan, estimating resource requirements, scheduling, budgeting, allocations and initiating risk management strategies.

Execution – This stage involved integrating all services, assigning tasks to various teams, coordinating contractor & sub-contractor resources, utilizing expert services, and performing the work on devised plan with target on RichTerra Deliverables and Client Goals.

Monitoring & Control – Continual monitoring of achievements & accomplishments with respect to plan to identify potential problems, implement corrective actions and revise or upgrade the plan with client approved changes if needed.

Completion & Closing – This is the final delivery stage of the plan. An environmental impact assessment report indicating our performance is conducted and site reclamation activities if required are discussed with client as our value added service. C&C will encompass a detailed satisfactory project completion report submitted to client for review. Upon approval, all the documentation will be archived and an e-copy handed to client for record keeping.


Our well delivery process associated with our drilling project management service includes the following elements:

  • Project Organization & Management
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Assess & Define Phase
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Contractor Management
  • The Design & Plan Phase
  • The Execute Phase
  • The Review Phase


  • Only the elements actually required in terms of personnel, equipment and services are utilized with no unnecessary add ons
  • Waiting on equipment or services is reduced as a result of a more integrated and focused approach
  • Back up plans and contingency plans are always in place and an integral part of the overall project plan
  • Drilling Project Management experience coupled with expertise in the relevant fields and improved efficiency leads to cost and time savings for the Client
  • Drilling Project Management creates a single point of communications with regards to operations management, overall well costs can be reduced significantly with all parties in town and the field aligned to the plan and objectives
  • Centralized reporting and data gathering
  • Improved communication between different disciplines
  • A retained learning curve for management & contractors
  • Implementation and savings for future projects
  • A centrally focused team bridging all interfaces addressing potential hazards and errors