President & CEO

Mr. Arfi has been our Founder, President & CEO since November 09, 2003. From December 2003 to December 2006, Mr. Arfi served as the President of Brent Krude International and Brent Krude Corp, handling international mining, oil and gas exploration projects. He is an expert in exploratory drilling and geological project management. He has worked for prestigious companies like Petro-Canada, CNRL, Total, Synenco, BHP, Shell, SAIL, and TMC as a consultant. Mr. Arfi also has thorough knowledge and experience with all aspects of strategic planning, business management, mergers and acquisitions, HSSE and additionally holds the corporate advisor position for RichTerra’s HSSE division. Mr. Arfi has been intimately involved in the success of RichTerra Group, in terms of operational, structural, and management growth since its inception in 2003. Mr. Arfi has succeeded by maintaining a conservative operational structure, entering into projects with a long-term outlook, applying modern technologies, and attracting and retaining dedicated drilling personnel. Mr. Arfi holds a Master of Technology degree and has studied Petroleum and Natural Gas technology from British Columbia Institute of Technology.


    Director | Transmission & Distribution Services

    Mr Hafeez serves as Director of RichTerra’s Power, Transmission & Distribution Services Division. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Power Systems and has over 35 years of hands on electrical engineering experience. Mr Hafeez has considerable knowledge and expertise in engineering, design, erection, installation, testing and commissioning of low, medium and high voltage (11KV to 230KV) AIS & GIS Substations. Additionally he has been responsible for complete Engineering, Operations and Maintenance of Substations, Transmission and Distribution lines for numerous clients in India and Middle East states like Saudi Arabia and Algeria. While in Algeria, he also worked as a Sr. Design Engineer (Electrical) and oversaw complete operations of setting up Industrial Units Division for a major manufacturer of Electrical Components. In Saudi Arabia, Mr Hafeez has spent around 25 years working in various positions & roles like Substation Engineer, Engineering Manager, Distribution Specialist and Regional Manager for numerous high profile Electrical Services & Utility companies.


      Vice President | Exploration

      Mr. Jeevan serves as RichTerra’s Vice President of Geological Services. Mr. Jeevan’s responsibilities include continuous strategic alliances with IOC/NOC’s ranging from preferred service providers to overall project management focusing on the frontier regions to the mature basins, new plays and unconventional reservoirs. Mr. Jeevan has developed a dynamic team of Exploration geologists, Wellsite Geologists and industry experts in Reservoir Engineering and Geophysics together at RichTerra, encompassing over 200 combined years of industry expertise and experience. Mr. Jeevan has played a major role in the development, promotion and field testing of new and emerging seismic technologies and was instrumental in the successful launch of wireless data acquisition technology in our work. Mr. Jeevan continues to promote and employ all the latest emerging geophysical processes to assist the domestic industry in safe and operationally efficient practices.

        NEJEM NAJM

        Vice President | HR & HSE

        Mr. Nejem, our Vice President HR & HSSE is responsible for the development, implementation and administration of all Health Safety Security Environment and Insurance matters. Additionally he assists the various business units with HR & Labor Relations and is responsible for hiring quality professionals in our various business units. Prior to joining our group in 2012, Mr. Nejem worked with various Canadian Heavy Oil Exploration Companies like CNRL, Total, Petro-Canada and Shell as project manager and Health and Safety Manager, Manager and Mediator/Advisor. He holds two professional designations (CRSP and CHRP). Mr. Nejem is involved with many Industry Associations and coordinates with Workers Compensation Board in Canada.

          STANLEY CHOO

          Vice President | Fluids & Environment

          Mr. Stanley holds the dual responsibility of heading our Drilling Fluids & Environmental Engineering. Mr. Stanley has worked in the Canadian oil industry as Drilling Fluids Engineer & Environmental Engineering field handling some of the most challenging projects successfully working with CES. He serves as the technical expert of fluid and environmental engineering services for RichTerra & BKI. He is a certified engineering technologist from Canada and a professional engineer from Montana and holds qualifications in petroleum technology and petroleum engineering.

            LES MCGREGOR

            Vice President | Directional Services

            Spearheading RichTerra’s directional drilling services division is Mr. McGregor. In this capacity, he has led the African & Canadian operations and integration of the product service line with over 50 independent directional drilling consultants working under him. Mr. McGregor leads operations management, strategic planning initiatives, equipment, logistics, and profit and loss responsibility for RichTerra’s directional drilling operation, which encompasses complete horizontal and directional drilling services and measurement-while-drilling (LWD/MWD) services. Mr. McGregor began his career with Argon Directional Drilling in 2000 where, during his career, he progressed from an entry level position as an MWD hand and left as Manager of Directional Services for Atlantic Drilling in 2008. Mr. McGregor brings to RichTerra, tremendous experience of worldwide directional drilling supervision and history of successful international projects.

              BRODEN NEUFELD

              Vice President | Energy Services

              Mr. Neufeld joined RichTerra in February 2010 as Vice President of the Completions Division and was promoted to position of President of completions and production services in 2013. His responsibilities include the strategic growth and development of core production services including fracturing, acidizing, cementing, bit optimizations, wireline, rentals, well testing, underbalanced drilling and managed pressure drilling. He brings over 12 years of energy service operations and executive management experience. The majority of his experience has been in the areas of hydraulic fracturing, cementing, and coiled tubing services, although he has also had exposure to the management of completion services, artificial lift, upstream chemicals, and drilling service divisions in recent years.

                RANDY WOLLMAN

                Vice President | Drilling

                Mr. Randy serves as RichTerra’s President of Drilling Services. His responsibilities include developing and refining the drilling operations division from the ground up, including the continuous improvement and development of all aspects of Management Systems, Safety, Field Administration and Rig Operations. Mr. Randy has over 20 years of worldwide experience in all phases of drilling operations and contractor management, with emphasis on “hands-on” operations having started in the industry at an entry level position of Assistant Driller Trainee in Canada. Mr. Randy brings with him exceptional planning, team building, and management skills with a demonstrated ability to resolve difficult operational problems and manage and execute complex projects and operations. He has a proven ability to work with multi-national and multi-cultural work forces, having worked in or been a resident in, over 10 countries, including North and South America, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, Russia, West Africa, China and Southeast Asia.

                  JAMIL HASSAN

                  Vice President | Business Development

                  Mr. Jamil serves as President Business Development for Daqing RichTerra, in which he has acted in this capacity since June of 2012. Mr. Jamil’s primary responsibilities include operational and strategic management focusing on the growth, business development, rig deployment and profitability of assets in India. Mr. Jamil has extensive experience in Geological & Geophysical services, CBM operations, Mining services and projects involving asset purchases as well as the integration of those acquisitions in the operational & business spectrum of Daqing RichTerra. Mr. Jamil holds a Ph.D. in Hydrocarbon and Coal Geology and has an Electrical Engineering Degree from Carleton University in Canada. Previously Mr. Jamil served as VP Operations for RichTerra Group and Brent Krude International since 2005. Mr. Jamil has been instrumental in developing the core team of Brent Krude Corp in the last 5 years, prior to being promoted as President of Geological Services for Daqing RichTerra Group.

                    NOMAAN ALWI

                    Business and Operations Manager | Metering Services

                    Mr. Alwi is an accomplished Electrical Engineer from Canada and has over 5 years of versatile experience in the Oil & Gas, Aerospace, and Telecommunication industries. His Oil & Gas experience includes installation, testing and commissioning of electrical equipment and control systems for operating companies and overseeing routine operations for Automated Control and Power Systems. Mr. Alwi currently manages the smart metering project division of RichTerra and provides support to our business/alliance partners and clients with project management & engineering support. Mr. Alwi and his engineering team works with utilities and power producers in on going operations, engineering design, installation, testing and maintenance of smart meter systems for Gas, Water and Electricity. Mr. Alwi brings with him exceptional technical and analytical skills with a customer-focused and solution driven attitude to deliver the highest standards of customer service. He has worked in diverse environments and teams for both multinational corporations and start-ups alike and is always driven to make a difference in any role to the fullest of his capacity.