RESCO’s mixing and pumping systems have been designed and engineered specifically to bring value and dependability to our customers. Our twin pump cementing equipment provides real-time data acquisition, micro-motion monitoring, and automatic density control to provide superior results. RESCO’s cementing services include Class A, H and C cements, lightweight and high-strength slurry designs, retarders and accelerants, gas-block additives, fluid-loss additives, and pre-flushes.

RESCO provides:

Primary Cementing

  • Surface, Intermediate & Production casing.
  • Liners
  • Water Wells/Injectors.

Secondary Cementing or Remedial Cementing.

  • Plug & Abandonment.
  • Squeeze Cementing.
  • Kick-Off Plugs.
  • Cement Packers.

RichTerra offers complete cementing package including qualified personnel, engineering, reliable cementing equipment and proven products and materials.


RESCO’s coiled tubing division is expert in applying built-for-purpose coiled tubing technology to increase reservoir performance in well completions & intervention projects for our clients. RESCO offers coiled tubing and thru tubing.

We operate a modern coiled tubing and thru tubing unit to support drilling, completion, and production operations.


  • Wellbore cleanout of fracturing or produced sand, scale, and wax.
  • Overbalanced/underbalanced milling and scraper treatments.
  • Logging, perforating, and deployment of specialized completion tools.
  • Stimulation techniques including matrix acidizing and fracturing.
  • Placement and retrieval of production plugs, packers, and retainers.
  • Coiled tubing and thru tubing services reduce drilling, completion, and remediation work time through rapid mobility, rig up, and continuous tubing injection and retraction.

    Coiled tubing and thru tubing services are ideal in completion and intervention operations, utilizing a unified string of pipe through a snubbing tractor, combined with high pressure well control equipment.

    We offer ultra-capacity coiled tubing units designed to perform in conventional and unconventional, light and heavy oil/gas plays.

    All of our coiled tubing units are designed for extended reach horizontal wellbores. Our coiled tubing and thru tubing engineers and technicians assist clients with recommendations and simulations to demonstrate the potential of various well applications.

    By minimizing operating time and reservoir intrusion, our coiled tubing and thru tubing services division improves well economics for our clients.


    RichTerra offers the most modern stimulation fleet, along with proprietary systems designed to enhance production and increase recoverable reserves from the most complicated reservoir systems. We provide oil-based, gelled hydrocarbon, slick water, emulsified (carbon dioxide/water), cross linked hybrid systems, energized fluids, foam fracs and straight carbon dioxide-based fracturing treatments.

    RichTerra can also assist you with real time modeling which allows for job design changes in reaction to unique reservoir characteristics. Our engineered services include:

    • Horizontal Fracturing.
    • Continuous Multi-Zone Fracturing.
    • Modified Hot Frac.
    • Limited Entry Fracturing.
    • Coiled Tubing Fracturing.
    • Acid Fracturing.
    • Foam Fracturing with Nitrogen and CO2.
    • Hydrocarbon-based (non–phosphorus) Fracturing.
    • Liquid CO2 Fracturing.
    • CBM Fracturing.

    We operate an extensive fleet of state-of-the-art, innovative technology and equipment including Triplex and Quintuplex Frac Pumps, Blenders, Hydration Units, Conveyors, Mountain Movers, 10K and 15K iron and modern data monitoring and control equipment, fully equipped with satellite, cellular, fax communications, frac analysis and real-time frac modelling software.


    RichTerra’s superior acidizing services and products are engineered to increase recovery, enhance production and reduce well-bore damage. Performed on both new and producing wells, we tailor our acid treatments and blends to fit the application, reservoir formation and well type. RichTerra works with proprietary and patented acid blends that have wide application in restoration and augmentation of production performance. We can also provide low-rate squeeze treatment and high-rate acid fracture treatment in conjunction with hydraulic fracturing. We offer both "Matrix Acidizing Treatments" & "Fracture Acidizing Treatments" using an advanced fleet of pumping equipment. RichTerra offers a multiple selection of Acid Treatments and Diversion Methods:
    • Gelled Acid Systems.
    • Chemical Acid Diversion Systems.
    • Mechanical Acid Diversion Systems (Frac Ball and Rock salt) .
    • Coiled Tubing Conveyed Acid Treatments.
    • Clay stabilizers.
    • Hybrid systems.
    • Hydrochloric acid.
    • Acetic acid.
    • Non-emulsifiers.
    • Iron sequesterants.
    • Nitrogen / Foam Energized Acid Treatments.


    RichTerra is committed to providing accurate well testing services for our customers. Our professional and dedicated staff is trained to operate safely in all testing environments while using highly specialized and up-to-date equipment. RichTerra continues to focus on top class field service and technical expertise to support evolving well testing needs. RichTerra is able to provide the following testing services

    • Drill Stem Testing (Cased Hole, Open Hole & Open Hole Inflate).
    • Production Testing/Frac Flowback.
    • Well Stimulation/Frac Flowback Services.
    • Oil & Gas Production Testing.
    • New Well Completions.
    • Work-Over Testing.
    • Frac Recovery.
    • Cleanup Tests.
    • In-Line Production Tests.

    Drill-Stem Testing (DST) is a valuable tool to determine the productive capacity, pressure, permeability or extent of an oil or gas reservoir. RichTerra Well Testing Division offers experienced personnel and full line of flowback equipment that provides control during challenging well conditioning operations such as well clean-ups, frac flow backs, and mud flow backs.

    Our highly skilled production testing personnel conduct the supervised flow of a well while separating gases, fluids and solids. The flow data (pressures, rates, temperatures) collected provides a comprehensive view of the reservoir characteristics allowing operators evaluate the deliverability and sustainability of their assets. We offer comprehensive production tests which provide accurate and invaluable data utilized in analyzing the formation for future considerations such as facility sizing, pipelines, overall well performance and life expectancy.


    We have been recognized as experts in completion services based on our level of experience, integrated communications, quality service, commitment to safety combined with our depth of equipment and the services we provide. RESCO owns an extensive line of test equipment with a variety of different volume sizes and pressure ratings. We pride ourselves on the ability to supply innovative equipment and highly skilled personnel for all completion services.

    As a full service company, RESCO supplies complete test packages for the following operations:

    • Frac stimulation and recovery.
    • Propane Frac Recovery.
    • Inlines.
    • Absolute open flows.
    • Vapor recovery.
    • Swabbing operations.
    • Production tests.
    • Multi-pad wells.
    • Drillouts.
    • Well clean-ups and work-overs.
    • Abandonment operations.
    • Bleed-offs.