Regular Substation maintenance can limit exposure to risk of equipment downtime by preventing or identifying potential problems before snags occur. RICHTERRA T&D MAINTENANCE DIVISION offers a wide range of services administered by highly skilled group of engineers and technical personnel that can provide reliable and quality service in various fields of substation engineering and maintenance. Our maintenance division provides field service and under warranty repairs for substation manufacturers, transformer manufacturers, field replacing of components on older substations & transformers. Our engineers & technicians can perform internal inspection and repairs on all size transformers and perform maintenance services that include:

  • Turnkey Maintenance Contracts
  • Extended Warranty Service Contracts
  • Oil Sampling and Testing
  • Transformer Retrofit
  • Re-Gasketing
  • Bushing Replacement
  • Circuit Breaker Services (480 V - 500 kV)
  • Current / Potential Transformer Services
  • Digital Fault Recorder Services
  • Generator Testing
  • Grounding System Survey
  • Radiator Replacement
  • Welding Repairs
  • Load Tap Changer
  • Substation Repairs Installation, Removal and Relocation
  • Testing (Including standard and diagnostic testing)
  • LTC Maintenance
  • HV, MV, and LV Switchgear Services
  • Hi-pot Testing
  • Infrared Survey
  • Insulating Oil Analysis
  • Motor Testing
  • Oil Processing
  • Power System Metering
  • Power Transformer Services
  • Power Line Carrier Services
  • PPE Testing
  • Protective Relay Calibration
  • SCADA Services
  • Station Battery Services
  • Substation Services
  • Oil Processing (Dehumidify & Degas)
  • Regasketing
  • Transformer Replacement Parts
  • Bus Inspection & Testing
  • Bus Inspection & Testing
  • Cable Testing / Fault Location

Our skilled and experienced high voltage engineers are trained to carry out your substation maintenance with minimum disruption to your daily operations, working during weekends, holidays, and shutdowns or “off shifts.”


RichTerra T&D Maintenance Division provides application of infrared/thermal scanning services, having Canadian & US trained Certified Level 1 & 2 Thermographer and licensed engineers with extensive experience in various electrical and mechanical equipment and/or installations. Periodical inspection services has benefited our clients through reduced maintenance cost, increased revenue, and reduced downtime

We conducted infrared scanning inspection at various substation installations facilities such as high rise and commercial buildings, factories, industrial plant, power generation and transmission lines, offshore and onshore oil and gas platforms and many more. We utilize Infrared Thermography to perform preventative maintenance checks on electrical equipment by using a heat signature to identify faults areas including:

  • Electrical System
  • Mechanical System
  • Building Inspection
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Refractory/Furnaces
  • Deterioration & Degradation
  • Loose Connections
  • Overloaded or Imbalanced Circuits
  • Faulty Breakers
  • Damaged Switches
  • Faulty Fuses Utility Substations, Transformers & Feed Poles
  • Main Incoming Services & Capacitor Banks
  • Main Switchboards & Disconnects
  • Main Distribution Panels & Disconnects
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Generator Controls & Transfer Switches
  • Lighting & Power Panels
  • Machine Control Panels
  • Isolating Switches for Motors


RichTerra’s professional engineers and technicians are factory trained in the use of latest technology in test sets to ensure high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Field testing capabilities, In addition to standard testing & diagnostics include:

  • Power Factor Bushings
  • Power Factor Transformer
  • Megger Winding and Core Ground
  • Functional Testing of Protection and Control Circuits
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
  • CT’s (Ratio, Resistance, Saturation Curves)
  • Winding Resistance, Ultrasonic Leak Detection
  • Leakage Reactance
  • Dewpoint, Dielectric Frequency Response
  • Oil Testing

GIS diagnostic maintenance is based on the current condition of GIS equipment. GIS diagnostics includes the following tests:

  • Operating times
  • Current and voltage of closing and trip coils
  • Contact speed
  • Voltage drop of the main circuit
  • Quality of SF6 gas in every gas-tight compartment
  • Blockades check

Our Electrical Testing & Commissioning teams are specialized in services of GIS & AIS Substations. Our engineers are industry trained, certified and approved for Testing & Commissioning of Switchgears, Protection Relays, Transformers, Cables, Capacitor Banks, and LVAC Panels & SCADA Control Stations.

We Provide:

  • Testing of Gas Insulated Substation (GIS of Voltage range – 400KV to 11KV)
  • Testing of Protection Panels
  • Testing of Switchgears
  • Testing of Busbar systems
  • Testing of all components, Scheme check in LCC Panel
  • Testing of Cables (LV Cables & HV Cables up to 500KV)
  • Testing of Capacitor Banks & Earthing System
  • Testing of VFD & Soft Starter
  • Wiring of LCC & CR panels as per wiring schedule
  • Testing of Transformers, RMU, QRM and TRM
  • Testing & Commissioning of Substation control system.
  • Control & Relay panel wiring, modification and refurbishment
  • .
  • Testing of LVAC & DCDB in Substations
  • Condition assessment of motors, transformers, cables, generators etc.
  • Supply of Engineers, skilled manpower and Electrical test equipment

From remote rural locations to busy suburbs and crowded downtowns, our team delivers overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution services in even the most challenging terrains and circumstances. RichTerra Power Division has demonstrated ability to work with our clients to complete projects on target, on time and on value while demonstrating an outstanding commitment to safety & environment.


Power Optimation and Voltage Variation Control (VVC) are fundamental operating requirements of all electric distribution systems. The prime purpose of VVC is to maintain acceptable voltage at all points along the distribution feeder under all loading condition. The main objectives of VVC include decreasing system-wide losses, minimizing distribution system and customer voltage variation, lessening maintenance and operating costs, reducing and/or deferring capital spending, and increasing the power delivery capacity of existing equipment. This can be achieved through testing all equipment for losses. RichTerra Power Division can solve this problem by providing upgrades of:

  • Bus & feeder protection and control,
  • associated substation automation and communication,
  • Automatic control of transformer LTC,
  • Local and remote alarm control and indicator systems,
  • Short circuit study analysis,
  • Protection coordination for new and existing relays, and
  • Programming, testing and validation of new protection schemes


RichTerra Engineers have experience designing a wide range of Distributed Automation applications and systems for substations which contain automatic sectionalizing and SCADA controlled switching like our MOGISS. Our technical expertise with automation projects and power distribution planning will ensure your substation is giving you trouble free performance year after year.

Clients using Distributed Automation Systems can achieve:
  • Significant reduction outage time for customers with minimal circuit reconfiguration resulting in improved reliability indices
  • Automatic/semi-automatic feeder tie switches
  • Reduction in travel time to remote locations, reducing fuel and labor costs
  • Reduction in feeder patrol time to isolate faults
  • Information feedback to office from in the field

Our substations division offers a full range of services related to the installation and maintenance of electrical and communications systems. The highly-qualified Engineers & Technologists in our substation division have the ability to complete a variety of projects


Substation Automation & Integration (SAI), is collection and consolidation of data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) within a substation. This information enables operator/client to make informed decisions, accurately and quickly to improve the quality of service to customers. RichTerra Power Division provides advanced solutions to numerous challenges facing modern substation projects, because everywhere Smart Grid Systems are being considered. Smarter Substations require network reliability and modern equipment having low operation and maintenance budgets, technological creativity and wider access to operational and non-operational data, accessibility and provision of on-demand energy with exceptional network security. RichTerra’s automation services team of qualified engineers test configuration settings before field implementation

We Provide:

  • Technology Assessment & Communication Network Planning
  • SCADA & IED Protocol Design & Implementation
  • RTU/IED System Design & Programming
  • HMI Design & Implementation
  • Bay Control Units
  • Multi-Vendor HMI Protocol Expertise
  • Programmable Logic Controllers PLC
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Substation Automation System Design
  • Distribution Automation
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Digital Fault & Sequence of Events Recorders
  • Security Products
  • Data Concentrators
  • Data & Application Integration
  • Installation/Commissioning/Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • System Maintenance
  • System Security

Benefits of Substation Automation & Integration

  • Real-Time Access to System Data
  • Data Management (Operational/Non-Operational)
  • Enhancement of Network Security
  • Integration of Legacy Equipment
  • Automatic Retrieval of Events/Alarm Monitoring
  • Relay Setting Management
  • Remote Access/Remote Control
  • Reduction of Outage Times
  • Efficient Power System Management
  • Trend Forecasting and Reporting
  • Energy Metering/Power Quality Monitoring
  • Improved Safety and Dependability
  • Faster Fault Detection/Increased Corrective Action
  • Monitoring Health of Electrical Equipment
  • Ability to Implement Load Shedding
  • Improved Profitability
Please contact our local office for more information and inquiries on our transmission & distribution maintenance services.