RichTerra’s Wireline division provides comprehensive open-hole & cased hole logging services. Our experienced logging teams combine knowledge of local geology, formations, and operating conditions with a persistent attitude towards work quality and use of modern equipment.

RichTerra offers the following open-hole wireline logging services:

  • Regular and spectral gamma ray.
  • Resistivity.
  • Nuclear.
  • Dipole sonic.
  • Geology imaging.
  • Formation pressures with pump through evaluation and PVT sampling capabilities.
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance.
  • Pipe conveyed logging for difficult borehole environments.
  • Borehole seismic.


RichTerra provides a broad range of cased hole wireline services that cover the full life of the well, from drilling and completion to production, and finally to plug and abandonment. One of the greatest advantages we offer for our customers is that our services can be easily performed while a well is under pressure. The well does not have to be shut down; therefore production can continue unimpeded with almost zero time loss.

  • Casing Inspection.
  • Compensated Neutron Logs.
  • Dual Receiver Cement Bond.
  • Production Logging.
  • Pulse Neutron Logging.
  • Radial Sector Bond Logs.
  • Noise/Temperature Logs.
  • Free Point Log.
  • Gamma Ray Collar Locators.
  • Gamma Ray Perforator.
  • Slim Hole 43mm CNL.
  • Well integrity logging (leak point & flow point).

We acquire our data by using LEAP-800, ALT and Warrior Logging Acquisition Systems, which are recognized throughout the industry for accuracy and reliability in the most extreme conditions. Our extended wireline services include perforating, pipe recovery, wireline logging, pressure pumping and wellsite make-up and pressure testing.


  • Standard Perforating.
  • Tubing-Conveyed Perforating (TCP).
  • Pipe Recovery Services.
  • Wireline Pressure Control.
  • Slickline/Braided Line Services.
  • Pump Down Plug & Perforating Services.
  • Perforating Gamma Ray Systems.
  • Mechanical Services & Plugs.

RichTerra’s Energy Services personnel are known for innovation and creativity in solving downhole problems quickly and without compromising safety. Our cased hole trucks and skid units are rugged multipurpose units which can perform cased hole logging, perforating, pipe recovery and production logging services. All units are equipped with advanced surface instrumentation.