RichTerra provides service and workover rigs to various clients. RichTerra’s technically advanced and highly mobile service rigs provide production/workover and well completion services apart from routine maintenance of your producing wells. Service rigs are used to repair, re-complete and stimulate existing oil wells and perform completion work on new wells. RichTerra's service rigs are designed for quick, compact set-up and low maintenance to ensure optimal service performance for our overseas clients. The service rigs pump and tanks, accumulators, blow out preventers, pipe racks, doghouses, boilers and other support equipment are all designed with the quickest assembly time and weight restrictions in mind for travelling. Our goal is to provide our partners with high quality and efficient service that will lower their overall well servicing costs.

RichTerra’s current fleet of 27 Class II and Class III service rigs includes Slant Rigs, Single Mobile Service Rigs & Double Mobile Service Rigs ranging from 350HP to 1000HP with 150,000Lb to 500,000Lb static hook load capacities. Majority of our rigs are equipped with spill containment and noise reduction machinery. RichTerra maintains a large inventory of spare parts and equipment for overseas projects.

RichTerra Drilling Division operates its service rigs from 3 locations from Canada, Central Asia & China. They are typically operated by a crew of four or five experienced workers and include a pump and tank as well as blow out preventers (BOP’s) and support equipment. Supplementary equipment such as pipe racks, boilers, light plants, matting, and accumulators for class III BOP operation are available.

All rigs are operated in a safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible manner; maintain proper engineering & safety certifications. Our Service Rigs are equipped to handle:

  • Completions & Swabbing Activities
  • Maintenance & Remedial Repairs (including removal and replacement of down-hole production equipment)
  • Workovers (down-hole repairs, re-completions and re-perforations)
  • Plugging & Abandonments